Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pin-tastic/Crafty creations : Homemade party favors.

I'm linking up with I love you more than carrots for "Hey, that's Pin-tastic! I'm a little late with the link-up but as the saying goes, " better late than never".

Jasmin's 5th birthday is coming up soon. Like in 6 days but her party isn't for 11 days and I wanted some party favors to send home with the kids but I wanted something different.

Then I saw this idea on pinterest where I could make some cute party favors and use up all those bits of broken crayon around the house.

First, chop all the crayon bits into smaller bits. Try not to use too many dark colours cos they turned out like knobs of poop. 

Next put them into a silicone mold. I used an ice-cube tray. It didn't say it was ovenproof but it did say it was dishwasher proof. I figured that the dishwasher get quite hot so it should be ok in a low over.
I was right! Thank God!!

Stick them in the over at 100C for about 5 minutes. Check them then cos you might have to top them up. Check them every 5 mins or so. You don't want them o melt too much.

I think they turned out fab and so did Jasmin.
Can't wait to see what everyone else thinks.
Happy pinning everyone!!

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  1. Very nice!! This is a great idea for party souveniers! You can also make other designs that would fit for the occassion.-


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