Tuesday, 6 November 2012

One of those weeks!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where, if it could go wrong, it did go wrong?
Or if it could break, stop working or blow up, it did?

Well I had one of those weeks last week.

Now nothing blew up, well except my mind from everything that happened.

Jasmin was on mid-term so I had loads of things planned for Halloween. We had a party on Monday and it went great. Eventually. I was late getting up that morning. The alarm never went off. Power must have cut out in the night and the clock never reset. No biggie. Just had to rush a bit.

Went outside to start the car to get it warm for the kids. It was COLD!! Only problem was... It wouldn't start. Now, this is the car that was in the garage to week before getting fixed. The car that had new spark plugs fitted, to help it start and go better and now it was dead. No way would it start. Not even for hubs. "Ok, don't panic", I said. Loaded everything for the party, we were having at my mom into the hubs car, Moved over 2 car seats and headed down.

An hour and a half later then I had planned, I started baking and making treats. I was so stressed out and busy making games, that i forgot to check the time. Guests started arriving and I wasn't dressed. No face paints or anything. :o( On the plus side the party was a hit. Everyone loved it! If you wanna see how the party went, click here.

Hubs got a car from one of our friends so I was able to get around but the car is still not fixed.

The next few days were a mix of me forgetting to bring my bag to town so I couldn't pay for the shopping. Embarrassing! Forgetting my bank card so I couldn't pay my car Insurance (I had to drive 10 miles home to get this. Not happy!) My microwave stopped working. I never realized how much I use my microwave. I'm lost without. Thought I lost Jasmins inhaler, my phone, the house keys, the yard keys, the list goes on.

To round the week off, I think I might have sprained my thumb or wrist yesterday hunting. It is killing me!!

I not saying my week was all bad. We had some great time with the kids at Halloween parties and friends houses. I did also manage to get most of the things I needed to pull Jasmins birthday party together.

I am hoping that by writing this post that the universe will see that I have had my run of bad luck and will send me some good luck this week.

As i was about to publish this post, the laptop died. It wont turn on. Not so much as a buzz. I am so aver this bad luck thing. I just hope the IT guy can get it back on so I can save all my photos.

Universe are you listening?? I need some good luck.

That is all.

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