Friday, 30 November 2012

11 Months!

11 Months. Where is the time going? We are counting the days to when he will be 1 year old now. DAYS!! crazy.

Anywho! Here are the stats.

This little guy is not a photo baby. He does not like the camera. Unless he's eating it or trying to get it off me. So this is the photo I got of him. 

Teeth:  We have two teeth and they arrived between 9 and 10 months. Nothing since but drool, drool and more drool. 

Eating: No more formula for this guy. All cows milk and loads of food. Can't complain. Must easier on mamas purse. :)

Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ. Had a few nights where I swear he was having a bad dream. Do nearly one year olds have bad drams?? Serious question!

Talking: Loves saying hi and A-dat (what's that?). very cute. Loads of mad babbling too.

Crawling/ skills : He is crawling everywhere now. He can make his way around our house and nana's house at his dead ease. He's also standing up with the help of anything that he can hold onto; people, chairs, tables. Anything. Can make his way walking from one side of the sitting room to the other using the couch and chairs. Very impressive!

Can't believe the next one of these will be titled 1 year old.


Happy Weekend.

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