Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Am I Lovin' your Blog??

Am I loving your blog? Do you love mine and want an easy way to follow along and not miss a thing. Well Bloglovin is the site for you!

If you don't already know, Google reader is heading out the door, which means that if you read blogs using this site, you will no longer have them in your feed. So, there is an even better site out there to help you organize all those favorite blogs that you love. I think it is so much easier to use than Google reader. 

And to make life easier for you again, here are the easy steps to switching over your feed from Google reader to Bloglovin.
Just click on this link below, and follow the steps to import from your Google reader. It's just that easy!

<My country girl rambling > <bloglovin>

I have transferred mine and it was easy as pie. I need to update my blogs, as I don't think I have all you lovely ladies added. So link up your Bloglovin account below so we can all find new blogs to follow!

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