Friday, 7 June 2013

Health and Fitness Friday


Oh what a week of highs and lows.
The sun arrived here last weekend and I have not come inside since. But I haven't worked out as much as I would have liked. I'm not too bummed about it though. We may not have the sun for too long and I intend on enjoying every single minute with my kids outside.

I did get 2 short runs in this week. I ran 2 miles both times. My first run was ok, " miles in 23ish minutes. The second one, not so good. I don't know if it was the heat or me but it was tough. It could have been the hills too. I need to find some nice flat runs and get some mileage up.

I did my abs and arms workouts 4 days this week so I'm ok on that side of things.


Health has been good. I've been eating good and I've been having smoothies and fruit between meals instead of cookies and bad snacks. I'm going to try some new smoothies this week and I'll post my favorites here next week.
My favourite this week is :

That's is this week.
I'm linking up with Jen as usual.


  1. The heat KILLS me!! My friend Amanda told me that there is some "water scarf" that you soak in cool water before you run and then it keeps your body temp down while you are running. It sounds a little silly, but I may just have to find this thing and give it a try.

    And on another make me want t smoothie right now :-)

    1. Thankfully we don't get very hot weather here for too long so I shouldn't have a problem but that scarf sounds interesting. I love smoothies in the heat. so refreshing!

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