Tuesday, 11 June 2013

10 on Tuesday : A bit of a catch-up

I kind of slacked off on the blog last week. But if I'm being honest. I don't care. The sun was shining and I was out in it every day. I barely look at a computer all week and I only popped in now and then to the social media world. But the sun is gone and I'm back.

Speaking of the sun. We got up to so much. Took a unplanned trip back to the beach last Tuesday. It was P man's first time at the beach and he loved it. I really hope the sun comes back again so we can go back.

We had a birthday party at Jasmin's friends house. Pirate Jack was he entertainer. He was amazing. Face painting, Balloon animals, Dancing, Games and Tattoos. He really too the hard work out of the party. I might just have to look into getting an entertainer for the next big birthday in our house.

Hello Kitty!

We pulled out the pool the weekend and let the kids play in it. And when I say pool, I mean tiny pick blow up pool. But it could have been a bucket of water and these two would have been happy. Please come back  Mr Sun.

If your wondering what all that stuff in the background is, well let me tell you. My amazingly crafty Husband put up a new post and panel wall at my mothers house. She has the most amazing son-in-law, hands down. He also built a fab gate for her so the too wilds won't go wandering onto the road.

Jasmin had her first school sports day. She didn't win anything but said it didn't matter cos she had fun. So proud of this little one for know that having fun is more important. Next year were going to win the spud and spoon race. 

She also had her first school tour. This little poser got to go to Lee Strand milk factory and see how milk gets put into cartons. For some reason she was very excited about it and had a fantastic day. She got a mug, key ring and a activity book in a goodie bag too. No tears or anything. Slow down little girl. Your growing up too fast.

I started Jillian Micheals 30 day shred on Monday. It is tough. But I excited to see what changes and results I get from it. I want to be able to workout at home. I spend enough time away from home and driving to this and that. Working out is not another thing I'm going adding to that list. 

The garden is coming or well. the sun really helped it. The weeds and grass are doing very very well. Ha! I can't wait to have some spud and cabbage from here. There is nothing like new potatoes. I'm not sure the peas will make the kitchen but they taste so good out of the pod.

I finally got the P man's bedroom done. Thanks to moneysupermarket.com and their room for improvement challange i got it done. You can read all about it here.

Wow, We really got up to a lot over the past 2 weeks. I try not to be so MIA if the sun come back but I can't make any promises. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by.

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