Friday, 26 October 2012

High five for Friday

Linking up today with From my grey desk blog for High five for Friday.

1. The little guy started off the week by crawling for his dad. Something that I didn't see but it made me so happy that the hubs got to see it. He misses out on some of that kinda stuff.

2. Woke up with an awful pain in my side and I thought it was my appendix, again. Thankfully nothing came of it. Thank god! Glad for no hospital trip.

3. Jasmin came home from school today and told me she got to be helper and she get to take a book to school for story time on Friday. Love how she is LOVING school. Happy mamma here.

4. FINALLY got all our costumes sorted for the Halloween party we're throwing on Monday. I'm going as Morticia Addams (my attempt anyway). Going to be great fun with 8 kids and 10 big kids all dressed up.

5. Today is the day the Jasmin gets her holidays for mid-term break. 1 whole week of no school runs or crazy mornings. Bliss!!

It amazes me how every week when I sit down to right this post, that it is nearly always about my kids. Just proves how important their role is in my life. It would be very boring without them.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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