Wednesday, 24 October 2012

When Hubs is away....

The hubs is away at the moment and life in our house is a little different when he's not here.
This is what goes on while he's gone.

When Hubs is away,
I stay up way too late.
I spend too much time on pinterest looking for cute birthday party ideas.
I don't dress the bed.
I don't cook a big dinner.
I treat myself to Chinese. (comfort food)
I get to watch whatever I want on TV.
I have to single mom bedtime. (not fun)
I try catch up on my blog work. (major fail here)
I have the whole bed to myself and ALL the blanket.(amazing)
I go around the house checking all the doors are locked and the window are closed. (boogie man)
I ring him 10 times a day. 
I clean up all the mess (that I've made and ignored while he was gone) 2 hours before he comes home.
I cuddle up to his pillows cos they smell of him and I miss him.

I think it pretty safe to say that our house and life is better when we are all together, as a family.

Hurry home Hubs. xx

Happy hump day!!

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