Tuesday, 30 October 2012

10 Month Photo

I'm a day late with this post. Was so busy yesterday with the Halloween party that I didn't get a chance to post it.

10 Months old!!

Teeth:  We finally got  a tooth. And a second one is is ready to burst through. I thought the drooling would stop after we got a tooth...boy was I wrong. It's gotten worse.

Eating: His new favourite food is toast. Still loving whatever I give him. He threw his bottle away. Doesn't want it at all. He's down to one bottle of formula at night to see him through.

Sleep: Starting to wake up a bit now that his teeth are cutting through but still really good. I have started putting the really warm sleep-suits on his because no matter how must I tuck him in the blankets end up under him.

Talking: The same as last time. All talk but most of it's babbling. I think he is trying to say jasmin but that is a had one. It sounds like he's saying 'a- min' but I'll take that.

Crawling/ skills : He is crawling everywhere now. He can make his way around our house and nana's house at his dead ease. He's also standing up with the help of anything that he can hold onto; people, chairs, tables. Anything. Clapping hands, giving high fives and shaking hands are all still . Loves to dance and shake him bum bum as jasmin says. 

Still a very happy baby and this mama is loving it!

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