Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Show and Tell Monday : Shopping

I'm a day late with this cos my stupid internet decided to go and die on me yesterday.
But, better late than never.

Linking up with From Mrs to Mama for Show and Tell Monday. Today we're talking about shopping.

1. Tell us your favorite stores to shop at.
I do most of my shopping at Penneys. They have really improved their lines over the last number of years. I shop in Awear, River Island and Vera Moda too.

2. What are you "signature pieces" to wear.. your go-to outfits?
I'm a jeans girl. I wear them if all else fails. Jeans, a cute top and heels for going out. Or with a vest top, cardigan and flats for day wear. I LOVE jeans.

3. Show us your style through pictures {of you or pinterest finds}.

Click here to see more of my favourite fashion.

4. Show us your favorite celebrity style icons

5. If you had to spend money on clothes or home items, which would you choose?
Before I had a family I would have chose clothes all the way but now I have to say I seem to put everything before myself. So the house would win.

6. Show us your favorite accessories.
I don't ever wear alot of jewelry. Not in an everyday basis. I always wear my wedding g band and my engagement ring and a pair of white gold diamond earrings the hubs bought for me. He's got amazing taste in jewelry. And I love scarfs. Really need to start wearing more on the stuff I have.

7. Tell us in one sentence your philosophy behind shopping. {What makes you buy an item}
If I know I need it and I know that I'll wear it, then I can buy it. Trying to stop the impulse buying.

Happy Monday!

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