Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Halloween decorating : The tour

Halloween decorating is well under way here and I love it.
I didn't go too mad cos the hubs isn't a Halloween fan but I did just enough for the kids.

These are my Halloween Luminaries that J and I made. 

 You can see how we did them here.
They look even cooler than I had hoped lite up.
The bats on the lamp are cut outs that came in a pack. Just stock them on with double sided tape.

 Our bedroom door. Might leave that there all year round.

The bathroom door. If there's a man in your house you know that this is necessary. :)

A felt "Boo" sign for P's door.

And one for J's door too. (cute ,right?)

The front door.

My home made spider wreath. (tutorial to come)
There was a 'Boo' sigh in the middle but the stupid wind blow it off before I got a photo.

All the front windows have stickers and banners on them.

J made this in Montessori last year. Very talented. (must take after her mother. hehe!)

My balloon spider. Check out how I made this here.

The back door. A little boring. I'm gonna work on that.

These little guys used to light up last year but stopped working.

I'm gonna pop some of those battery operated tea lights into them to get them going again.
(p.s. I made those flowers)

My new additions this year. Some Halloween bucket candles for my mantel.

Can't have Halloween without a tombstone.

Picked this up in Lidl. Fab right?

This is Jack. He's the newest member of the family. He's not a big eater.

And yes, He's wearing a princess crown.

Some cobwebs on the kitchen window.

The sitting room mantel.


The table inside the front door.
The blackboard slate I used before here and the little pumpkins can be found here.
The pumpkin plate I got in supervalu for 50c and the candle for €1.
Halloween bargins all round.

And last but not least, the giant spiderweb on J's window.
Made it using black crepe paper and tape.

And that's it.
Maybe I went a little overboard. Oops!
I have nailed down J and P's costumes but mine is still in the making. And I mean 'making'. Mother and I will be sewing up a storm over the next week to try get our costumes done. Just a quick stop at the charity shop first for some supplies.

Leave a comment or link in the comment section so I can see some of your spooky Halloween decorations.

Happy Hump day!!

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