Monday, 15 October 2012

Show and Tell

Linking up with From Mrs to mama today for show and tell Monday. 
Today we're talking about when we were 17. It seems like a lifetime ago with all that has happened in my life. 

1. When you were 17, tell us what kind of car you drove, where you worked, and what you were usually up to on the weekends.
I didn't have a car when I was 17. I had my "L" plates but never used then.
I worked in a factory making windows (glamorous right?) but I wanted money and they was hiring.
I spent most of my weekends going out with my friends or with the horses. Not much has changed there really.

2. Show us a picture of you when you were 17 {roughly}.

These are really bad photos sorry

3. When you were 17, tell us what you wanted to be when you "grew up."
I always wanted to work with horses. Anything that involved horses. but my other love was cooking. I would have become a chef or baker if things had worked out different.

4. When you were 17, tell us the kind of boys that you dated. Did you have a type? Do you have a relationship you remember well? Tell us about it.

I didn't really have boyfriends when I was is school. Might have something to do with going to an all girls school. I didn't like the pretty boys. I liked them a little rough around the edges. And I'm still liking the same type now. The hubs is was a bit of a rough and ready boy.

5. When you were 17, tell us where you pictured your life 10 years from then. Did it turn out the way you expected it to?

Not where it is now. I didn't know what I was going to be doing or where I was going to be. I was living life like a 17 year old, having fun going out and not thinking about the future much. I was NEVER getting married and didn't see myself with kids. How wrong was I?? I love my life now.

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