Saturday, 15 September 2012

Friday Night Movie Night { a recap}

So awhile back I told you all that we were going to start Friday night movie night in our house. 
You can find that here.

We've done it a few time now and it has been a huge success.
We gather all our bits and pieces : Blankets, pillows, snacks and such.
Put on the Pj's.
Put on a blazing fire and snuggle down for the night.

I never did tell you what we had for our snacks.
It was a toss up between taytos or popcorn and popcorn won.

So the menu was:
Popcorn with a surprise
Capri sun

We picked The Princess and the Frog the first night and Beauty and the Beast the second night and Cinderella last night.
(do you see a pattern)

Either way it was a great idea and both kids were fast asleep before the movie was over.

Making Memories that they will one day pass on to their kids = One happy Mama.

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