Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mid week brain dump

A little bit of everything that going on in my crazy world right now.
  • Been very busy with school these last few weeks. Everything was going great with school drop off and homework, until this Monday. Tears and very upset. Didn't want to leave mommy. Didn't want to give in and take her home even though I wanted to. Same yesterday and today but not as bad. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
  • Entered a Baking competition over at wholefoodsIE where we had to make sticky toffee pudding. Didn't win but I found a new recipe that I love and it was a hit with everyone. Think that counts as a win. You can check out that here .
  • Starting some major face lift work on the garden here the weekend. Once the weather hold up. Trees and hedge to be planted. Note to self : buy (lots) weed killer.
  • My little guy turns 9 months this weekend. 9 months!!  Must finish that post.
  • Having a major dose of forgetfulness at the moment. For example, I forgot to do a blog post on Tuesday. I forgot to give the hubs milk with his lunch on Monday and forgot to give him a spoon today. I wonder if I can still blame "baby brain" after 9 months.
  • I've got some lovely autumn and Halloween diy and craft posts if I ever get my act together.

That's all for now folks.

Happy Hump day.

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