Thursday, 13 September 2012

My 24 hours of hell

Warning!! I complain, a lot, in this post. Sorry

I've been lucky.
I've never needed to go to hospital for anything, aside from the birth of my children.
No broken bones or anything. (touch wood).

But the dreaded day came that I thought at the time would never end.

Woke up with a pain in my side. Didn't think much of it. Thought it might have been wind or something. Went for a ride on my horse, thinking it might help with the wind.
But it didn't.
Ate some lunch thinking it might be hunger.
But it wasn't

Now I'm no wimp.
I can deal with pain.
I gave birth to two kids with just gas and air for goodness sake.
I can handle pain.
But this was a burning pain that wouldn't go away and was getting worse.

On to the GP I go and she tell me I might have appendicitis. Go to the hospital. Don't eat or drink anything in case they need to operate. Now this was at 5pm. So I sorted out a babysitter and the hubs took me to the hospital. It was 6.50pm when I checked into A+E. 
The hubs hates hospitals. More then he hates anything. The smell alone makes him want to vomit. So he waited in the car.

The hours passed. People came and went and I was still sitting there waiting. Everyone around me was eating. I couldn't even have a drink.
Met some lovely girls who were painting their nails. They were dancers and one of them had burst their chin off the floor. ouch!!
 Hubs was still outside at midnight waiting. "Your're next" the nurse told me. So hubs said he'd wait for me.

I finally got in to see a doctor at 2.15am. She examined me and did bloods (which should have been done when I came in at 7pm).

Waited another hour.
Finally at 3.20am the doctor came is and told me that my bloods were fine and to go home. No appendicitis.
Come back in the morning at 9am for an ultrasound.
I was fuming.
Hubs was fuming.

Home we went and came back at 9am. Waited til 12 noon for the ultrasound where they were asking me about my ovaries and did I have any c-sections. The thoughts that were going through my mind were frightening. Was it a tumor or cancer?? I was told to go home. They would send out the results.

Now I know that hospitals are very busy places and that they are under staffed. I know that most of the nurses and doctors that work there are very good at what they do. I have friends that work in this very hospital and they work very hard. But I was sick of it.
This place was a joke!!
I waited 6 weeks for my results (they lost them) and it turned out that I did have appendicitis and they should have operated.

So now I have this grumbling time-bomb in my body that could explode at anytime. And I'm writing this now because I have that same grumbling pain I had back in June and I fear I could be heading back to that dreaded place... A+E.

Lets hope they get it right this time.

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