Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wordful Wednesday : Am I doing a good job??

When I was pregnant, I hoped that I would manage to raise (with the help of  the hubs of course) a well rounded, independent child that can take whatever life threw at them and deal with it.

As my daughter grew up I wondered...
Was i doing a good job?
Am I making the right choices?
Am I being too tough/ too soft on her?

I wonder does every mother ask themselves these questions?
Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Then Monday came...

My little pig was starting big school!

How would she cope?
Would she get picked on?
Would they make fun of her hand?
(My daughter was born with part of her left hand missing)

Then she showed me that I had nothing to worry about.
She got up at 6.30am and was all excited for school.
I finally managed to get her back to sleep until 8am.

Up she got.
Put on her uniform and not a care in the world.
(This is going good I thought)

Went to nana's to take some pics.

Landed at school and walked her in to the class.

Loads of moms and dads everywhere.
(a bit crazy)

Gave her a kiss and off I went.
Not a tear.

So proud of her!!

Three days on and she tells me she doesn't need me to walk her to the classroom anymore.
Guess we haven't done a bad job after all.

I'm linking up with Seven clown circus and Stacy Uncorked today.

Happy Hump day everyone!!

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  1. Awwww! She's so precious!! Any good parent will question whether or not they've done a good job - you've absolutely done a good job. ;)

    Blue Moon Dragon's Eye


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